About Us

1960s - 1970s

Grigoris Kasidokostas, renowned waterski champion as well as water polo athlete, becomes the founder of the first water sports club within the premises of the mythical Astir Palace Resort. His adore for Vouliagmeni in combination with his athletic expertise and affinity to the sea contributed to creating his so called “home”.

The existence of the water sports club promotes the hotel’s growth and becomes an attraction for the high society, endorsing Astir’s glamorous aura.

watersports club vouliagmeni, astir ski club, athens watersports,
watersports club vouliagmeni, astir ski club, athens watersports,

1980s - 2000

The values and commitment of the water sports club is closely associated to any new challenge brought forward by Astir’s ongoing advancement. The water sports club enjoys an ongoing recognition and attracts national and global movie stars, politicians, ship owners, such as the Onassis Family, Brigitte Bardot, John Kennedy, Anthony Quinn, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Aliki Vougiouklaki.

The elite clientele is introduced to the fun world of water sports and finds assurance in the club’s
professionalism and discreteness. The club’s name is now established.


The reinstitution of the legendary Hotel as Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel Athens denotes the beginning of a new era for the Greek Riviera. The history and ideals of the waterski club fully align with the innovative technology and new staff specialization.

Paying homage to the watersport club’s principles since its establishment, the club continues to offer the latest trends in the field under the highest standards of safety, professionalism and expertise.

watersports club vouliagmeni, astir ski club, athens watersports,