Terms Of Use

Terms of Use of the Website

The site «astirskiclub.gr» provides its services to its visitors by accepting the following Terms of Use on their behalf. Please read them carefully.

1. Preamble

1.1. The present terms (hereinafter “Terms of Use”) govern the operation of the website available through the electronic address «astirskiclub.gr» (hereinafter “Website”) the use of the website by its users (hereinafter “User”), (in accordance with the provisions of articles 741 et seq. of the Civil Code), under the name “Water Sports Ν.Kasidokostas and Co LP” and the distinctive title ” Water Sports Club Vouliagmeni “.

1.2. Water Sports Club Vouliagmeni is based in Vouliagmeni Attiki, 40th Apollonos Str, Post Code: 16671, with VAT. 093535985, Tax Office: Glyfada, GEMI Number: 002152601000, email address: info@astirskiclub.gr, contact phone: 6982094493 – 2108901775, under the ownership and management of which the Website has been obtained.

1.3. Water Sports Club Vouliagmeni is a water sports club where the customer can be taught and trained in a variety of watersports activities under the instructions and supervision of an experienced crew.

2. Use of the Website

2.1.The Website has been created by Water Sports Club Vouliagmeni with a view to promote and communicate its offered watersports, leisure activities, lessons and training, and to present its new equipment.

2.2. For promoting purposes, Water Sports Club Vouliagmeni may take any necessary and appropriate means and carry out any activity if it is not contrary to its statutes and to the applicable law. All participants have to understand that they may be photographed while participating in any activity. With their participation they accept that their photo, video, or film is likely to be used for any legitimate purpose by the activity holders, producers, sponsors, organizers, and assigns.

2.3. Any use of the Website and its content, such as texts, photographs, graphics, pictures etc. (hereinafter collectively “Content”), as well as access to the opportunities offered via the Website, printing, copying and downloading of its Content by the User is permitted to the extent that it is in line with the above purpose or it is curried out for information purposes and thus performed as provided in articles 5 and 6 below. Any other use is prohibited.

2.4. Simply the use of the Website implies that the User has read, fully and unconditionally understood and accepted the present Terms of Use and is bind by the entirety of them. In case any User does not agree with one or more terms, has the obligation to abstain from using the Website.

2.5. Electronic Communications: When you visit «astirskiclub.gr» or send emails, contact Water Sports Club Vouliagmeni, you are communicating electronically with the water sports club Vouliagmeni. Therefore, you accept the right of Water Sports Club Vouliagmeni, accordingly, to contact you electronically. You agree in advance that such electronic communications and the information exchanged through them satisfy the applicable legal requirements and rules regarding the exchange of such communications in written form.

3. Alterations – Shutdown

3.1. Water Sports Club Vouliagmeni reserves the right to alter the Terms of Use, within the framework of the current legislation, and upload the latest text on its Website. Use of the Website by the User after any modification of the Terms of Use implies the acceptance of them.

3.2. Water Sports Club Vouliagmeni reserves the right to alter the Content of the Website, to add or remove information and data contained therein and to interrupt temporarily or permanently its function, when Water Sports Club Vouliagmeni considers it necessary or prudent.

3.3. The User can be informed of any alteration, temporal or permanent interruption of the Website’s function via the relevant sections of the Website.

4. User Charges

Access and navigation of the User in the Website and the use of its Content is free of charge. The User bears all costs for the internet connection.

5. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

5.1. Using the Website and its Content by the User does not confer any rights on them regarding the designs of the Products, the work, the elements and the materials in which the intellectual and industrial property rights of Water Sports Club Vouliagmeni or third parties are incorporated, and which are accessible through the Website.

5.2. Any use whatsoever of the Website or its Content by the User or third parties with the aim to derive profit is forbidden, such as indicatively:

a) Broadcasting, publication, adaptation, placing on market, presentation to the public, deletion, printing, copy and download of the Content.

b) The reproduction of the Website for commercial reasons.

5.3. Imitation or misrepresentation of the Website or its Content, in any way whatsoever, partially or otherwise, in any form and by any means is prohibited. In particular User is prohibited from:

a) Exporting or reusing of the whole or substantial part of the Website’s database. The data User is prohibited from performing actions that are contrary to the regular operation of the said database or unreasonably infringing legal rights of the beneficiary’s database by provoking damage to the beneficiaries of the intellectual property rights or other related rights regarding the works contained in the database.

b) Performing any action whatsoever, with the view to reverse engineering or reconstructing the source software of the Website or gaining unauthorised access in any software, system, individual computer or network of computers and/or Water Sports Club Vouliagmeni’s archive or hacking its Website and in general its systems by any means, such as, indicatively, by using mechanical means or automated procedures.

c) Defeating any technical firewalls for the purpose of preventing actions prohibited by Water Sports Club Vouliagmeni, which (the defeat) is performed by the User knowingly or when there are good reasons for considering that the User acknowledges the effects of his/her actions.

d) Misrepresenting or imitating the trademark, trade name and other distinctive features of Water Sports Club Vouliagmeni or of third parties that are published on the Website. The appearance of a distinctive feature in the Website cannot be implied as transfer, license allocation or right assignment of the distinctive feature to the User.

e) Removing or modifying the Terms of Use or any other text available online, published at the Website and especially when it is related to the protection, the use or the beneficiary of intellectual and industrial property rights either when the User presents in public part of or the entire Website or not.

5.4. In case of an infringement or threat of infringement of the intellectual or industrial property rights or other related rights, including the specific nature rights of the database constructor, of Water Sports Club Vouliagmeni and of third parties, the aforementioned subjects can, where applicable, claim the application of civil, administrative and penal penalties against the person who had infringed or is about to infringe the said rights in accordance with the law.

6. Photographs

In particular, the publication by any third party of other media, electronic or printed photographs, is permitted upon approval by Water Sports Club Vouliagmeni, provided that they are not used for profit, are not altered, misrepresented and always refer to their source of origin (“astirskiclub.gr”).

7. Links

7.1. Water Sports Club Vouliagmeni may from time to time publish on its Website links leading to websites of third parties and especially to social media. Water Sports Club Vouliagmeni bears no liability for the content of these websites, since as they are not under Water Sports Club Vouliagmeni’s control and there is no contractual relationship between Water Sports Club Vouliagmeni and the owners of these websites. Water Sports Club Vouliagmeni does not guarantee to the Users the quality or the correctness of the information contained therein.

7.2. The lead to Website by the use of links published in the websites of third parties is forbidden without Water Sports Club Vouliagmeni’s prior written consent.

8. Jurisdiction – Competence

The present Terms of Use are governed by Greek law. Any dispute arising shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Athens. If the User or the Customer is accessing the Website from another country, they are obliged to comply with the legislation of that country.